This has to stop… PERIOD!

12 Nov

The hysterical phone call I got this morning went like this…..

I’m in so much pain, I want a hysterectomy, I can’t cope….……

Will you come round please mum….. I need you……

The screaming voice at the other end was the baby crying her eyes out, poor love,

On my way sweetheart…….. said I with a sigh…..

Still in my PJs and 5 minutes later, *it took me 5* to find my keys, off I go, only to find her curled up in a ball on settee, gripping a box of Feminax and a glass of water, she’s not called the baby for nothing, she does suffer badly with her periods though, bless, but will she go to the doctors NO!…. which makes me angry especially at 6 in the morning…..

I do know what it’s like I, but in my day we had to get on with it, didn’t we, so the biggest plus of entering my golden years for me was I got to say, “get your fat bum on your menstrual cycle and get the hell out of here mother nature,” I no longer want your gifts”……..


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