Top 10 Valentines Day-dreams of mine

9 Feb

"Pops in doors" would think this was romantic

Like a lot of blokes “Pops in doors” has never been the most romantic of men, bless him, so I suppose this Valentines Day will be the same as the last 30 odd and I don’t mind really, *she say’s tongue in cheek* a woman can dream, can’t she? Now don’t get me wrong “Pops in doors” is the best husband in the world and the greatest dad, but he is somewhat romantically challenged, I mean it wouldn’t kill him would it, NOT to think on a practical level for once, which doesn’t mean a bunch of Tesco flowers and a box of choc’s will suffice either.
“Oh no, not this year matey.”

Below I have listed 10 of my Valentines Day-dreams for him to read and ponder over,

Top 5 Valentines Day-dreams of mine.

  1. Being whisked off for a romantic weekend, Paris maybe?
  2. Breakfast in bed and waited on hand and foot all day. *Bliss*
  3. A romantic dinner with dancing.
  4. A nice walk in the park and a pub lunch.
  5. Having the remote and the sofa all day, without any moans.

Any of the above I would love, nearly as much as I love him.

The next 5 are in case I don’t get one of the above.

  1. He has to fix the kitchen tap.
  2. He has to fix the front gate.
  3. He’ll re-locate all his clutter to the loft.
  4. His golf clubs will go on Ebay
  5. No nookie for a month.

I think that’s only fair don’t you ladies?

Forget all the above I just want Chocolate Chocolate Cake now…………


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